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churchill coinThe Winston Churchill coin (1965) is actually a commemorative version of the British crown coin, minted as a tribute to one of the greatest leaders in British history. After a severe stroke on January 15, 1965 Churchill was gravely ill. Nine days later, he died in Chartwell (his family home in London), on January 24, 1965. The country mourned his passing, for over a week.

The British crown was used from 1707 (when the Union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland was created), with a value of five shillings. From its first creation, the British crown was a heavy silver coin (about one ounce), leading to its relative disuse in the 19th and 20th centuries, except for commemorative purposes.

To commemorate the life of such a powerful, influential, and charismatic leader, This coin was only issued in 1965, and was the first time a 'commoner' (non-monarch) was ever placed on a coin in Britain. There were approximately 9.6 million of Churchill's coins minted, ensuring they would carry little value other than respectful remembrance. On one side (the 'head') was Queen Elizabeth II, while on the reverse, was the head of Winston Churchill and the words "CHURCHILL" in capital letters. The face value of the coin is 1 crown, with its composition of copper and nickel. It weighed in at just under 1 ounce (0.91 ounces) and a diameter of 39 mm.