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winston churchill for childrenTo Winston Churchill, kids were very important; he was the father of five children, who he spent a lot of time with. Here are some facts on Winston Churchill for kids:

His name is really long: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

He was born on: November 30, 1874 (two months early!)

He was born in: Blenheim Palace, in Woodstock, England

His nickname was: Winnie

He was speech impaired: He had a lisp and possibly a stutter, too

His dad's name: Lord Randolph Churchill (he was from England)

His mom's name: Lady Randolph Churchill (she was American; also called Jennie Jerome)

He had a governess: She taught him when he was small; he cried most of the time

He had a nanny: She was his best friend in the world (Elizabeth Anne Everest)

His grades in school: Very bad; he really hated math

His dad thought he was: Not smart enough for regular college; he sent him to military school

His brother: Was 6 years younger than him (John Strange Spencer-Churchill)

He lived in: Dublin, Ireland when he was 2-6 years old; then London, England

His parents: Almost never visited him while he was away at boarding school

His father died: At the age of 45, when Winston was only 21 years old

He flunked exams: It took three tries to pass his entrance exam for Royal Military College

He was in the military: For most of his life (from 1888-1924); retired when he was 50 years old

The military sent him to: Cuba, India, Afghanistan, Egypt, and South Africa

He played a sport: On a championship polo team, while he was a soldier in India

He was self-taught: By reading a lot of books, he learned what he couldn't learn in school

His wife's name: Clementine Hozier (they married in 1908)

He has five kids: Diana, Randolph, Sarah, Marigold (died at 3 years old), and Mary

He was in politics: For most of his life (from 1900-1964); retired when he was 89 years old

He was Prime Minister: Of Britain, twice (1940-1945, and 1951-1955)

During World War II: He was Prime Minister of Britain, and Minister of Defence

He won the Nobel Prize: For Literature, in 1953 (because of his writing and great speeches)

He wrote a lot of books: 43 books, in 72 volumes (published from 1898 to 1987)

He helped Britain: With job programs, fair work pay, and payments for people out of work

He had hobbies: Painting, reading, writing, and bricklaying

He loved animals: Pigs were his favorite, but he also had cats, dogs, horses, and cows

He had bad habits: He loved Cuban cigars and drank a lot of alcohol, most of his life

He died: January 24, 1965 (London, England) at 90 years old

His face is on a coin: The British Crown, made in 1965, the year he died

He has a bronze statue: In Parliament Square, London, England (1973); it's 8 feet tall

His name is on a boat: The USS Winston S. Churchill, U.S. Navy missile destroyer (2001)